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Chloe S.
United States
Current Residence: Texas
Favourite genre of music: pop, soundtrack, acoustic, adult alternative
Favourite photographer: Alicja Zmysłowska
Favourite cartoon character: Hiccup or Jack Frost
Personal Quote: "You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
Kiba by WildSpiritWolf
So, contrary to what my account says, I actually joined DeviantART back in the tail end of 2006. The reason I originally joined was because of the image above. Back in 2006 I went through my anime phase and had just finished Wolf's Rain. I remember seeing this fan art, and I was just inspired. I loved the art and everything. Of course, I already loved art, but this is what really kicked off my interest in improving my artwork. WildSpiritWolf was my first idol and inspiration and to this day still is.

Consequently, this is what mainly started my interest in the internet. YouTube was okay, but mind, it only started in 2005. The only reasons I went on the internet was to watch the early memes, play dead-by-now games (funnypage and gamekeeper games anyone?), and Runescape. This was also way back when I totally believed my parents about internet stalkers and such. I followed that at first, but of course, it just seemed harmless to tell someone my age (because what did it matter if I lied about everything else?). Of course, that landed me a banned account on deviantART (for underage).

Wolf Variables by thefireflii
Considering my "experience" with Runescape, I couldn't see the point if I could just make another account. Thus, this account was made under the name Toki-The-Wolf. Though I told a few friends (only one of whom I talk to anymore, albeit rarely), I felt that it was necessary to completely "hide" myself. So I created Toki, a male wolf character that has followed me up until now (and a name I'm still commonly called). At first I couldn't decide what color I wanted him to be, and I figured he'd just change colors based on his emotion or something (obviously this concept was thrown out very quickly). Originally he was my fursona, but these days I don't claim to have a fursona. Now, he's just an old, cherished character.

First Tablet Drawing by thefireflii
As it is now, the first thing I got addicted to was the ever-popular "internet sensation" of drawing wolves. By no means was I really good at drawing at all back then. A lot of my artwork was traditional, but I did digital as well. I used a touchpad back then since I was not very informed about tablets or art programs like photoshop. Christmas 2007 I received my first tablet, a Bamboo Fun, and this was the first thing I drew. The wolf was supposed to be a character in a story I was planning for Toki's history, but as usual, I never got around to getting any farther than making a few characters (and maybe writing up a small scene). After this, though, things just sort of went up hill.

Tripp's Toki Plushie by thefireflii
I joined a site called Chicken Smoothie in 2009, but I wasn't active on it until mid-2010 (and am still very active on today). There my art really took off. I spent a lot of time taking commissions for digital pets. I've made a ton of friends there, friends I still talk to and whom I believe I'm closest with, and I practiced and improved in a way I hadn't previously. This was drawn in August, just around the time I began being active on Chicken Smoothie. It's really thanks to the members there and my friends that I've come so far. I've seen how far they've come as well, and it just inspires me and motivates me more to improve myself.

[FIGHT] Until The End by thefireflii
Though I don't draw as much as I used to (such as in 2010/2011), I still enjoy drawing when I get the motivation for it. Shading comes easier than it once did, but there's still a lot of room for improvement. Backgrounds are still at a loss for me, but I'm learning to loosen up and experiment more. I drew this piece in the Oekaki program on Chicken Smoothie. I don't draw with that program often, but I surprised myself with the quality of the piece considering the program it was drawn on had limited capabilities (in comparison to Paint Tool SAI or Adobe Photoshop CS5, both of which I use today). Like almost all, I wish I could improve faster, but for now I'm pleased for where I am and how far I've come.
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  • Listening to: Downfall by Trust Company
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